We are a group of training associates who provide learning and development opportunities for individuals and organisations across all sectors.  Our skills lie in providing coaching and learning interventions that inspire thinking and personal growth for the benefit of individuals, organisations and the community at large.

Our ethos is grounded in ‘teaching for a social purpose’; we use reflective practice, embed diversity, and encourage critical thinking to support individual and social learning – always making sure that our workshops are fun and engaging at the same time!

As well as delivering workshops and running events, we love to get involved in projects that match our values.  We are particularly interested in work that encourages underrepresented groups to participate in local and grassroots politics and run workshops for schools on citizenship and democracy.

Some of our current work focuses on political leadership. We coach and train elected Members in topics such as chairing meetings, time management and using social media so that they can improve their skills and become the best community leaders.  We help organisations to work more effectively with Councils and political representatives by demystifying local government decision-making.

We have also recently launched a new Culture Change programme – click here for details.

Political Awareness Training

Political awareness

We understand that working across different sectors with different protocols and rules of engagement can cause misunderstandings, and affect working relationships. Our political awareness training helps you to navigate your way through the maze and is ideal for any groups interacting regularly with local government and local politicians.  Our ‘Managing in a Political Environment’ courses also help build relationships within political organisations and develop leadership skills.

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Developing personal and organisational resilience

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from stressful and challenging situations.  It is not innate or fixed, but can be developed at any age with the help of supportive techniques and interventions.  And at a time of massive change and uncertainty, this attribute is needed more than ever.

We are excited to launch a new resilience programme, aimed at individuals and organisations who are going through periods of change.

Social Media Training

Social media

Do you want to use social media for business or pleasure but don’t know how to get started?  Our tailored support and training will get you up and running quickly and effectively. We offer a range of solutions for every budget, helping you to connect with others, gain influence and get the best out of the social media tool that’s right for you.

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